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Dear non-French reader, this entry is a (sort of) translation of our PHP Tour Clermont-Fd 2016 blog post.

The French PHP User Group, a.k.a. Association Française des Utilisateurs de PHP (AFUP), and Clermont’ech are pleased to announce the PHP Tour 2016, the annual “not-in-Paris” French PHP conference. This event will be held in Clermont-Ferrand, a really peaceful place in the middle of France, on May 23-24.

If you are a rubgy fan, then you probably know the ASM (yellow and blue) team, which is famous for… loosing finals. Don’t know what it is? No worries, because this place is way more famous for its quality of life and its volcanos. Yes. Volcanos like these ones:

This is a wonderful area, and you will love it! Anyway, back to the PHP Tour. This event lasts two full days, and the venue is the Polydome convention centre, the best spot for such an event! Like most of the tech conferences and the previous AFUP events, talks (20 or 40min slots) and workshops are planned. Every year, hundreds of attendees are welcomed.

We want everyone to be there. By “everyone”, we really mean everyone, and we, organizers, are committed to making this event a safer place than ever, for everyone, regardless of background. Both AFUP and Clermont’ech have Codes of Conduct, in which we trust. We will enforce it, and anyone attending the PHP Tour (as well as any of our events) MUST understand, accept, and respect these rules. No exception.

Yet, diversity cannot be achieved without a decent schedule. That is why we need all of you! The Call For Paper is open until February 20, and we cannot wait to read your proposals! You will find the CFP page at: Need help? Ping us. For this event, we encourage people who do not use to speak at conferences (no matter their reasons).

We hope to see you soon!

AFUP & Clermont’ech.

Keep in mind that we are not native English-writers, email us if something is poorly written or offending.